Tweezerman staffers share their latest beauty tool obsessions

to get them through the winter season. 


Sam, International Marketing Manager





I love the precision of the Classic Point Tweezer. Now that I am in a mask all the time, my eyebrows and eyes are the only thing people see on my face so my eyebrows need to be on point (no pun intended).


Melaina, Associate Online Retail Manager



For me, winter means instantly dryer skin. Whether it’s from the cold weather and crisp air or simply never drinking enough water, I feel like I am constantly battling patches of really dry skin on my face, specifically around my nose. Hello winter sniffles. My secret weapon is definitely the Prep & Plane Razors. They help me exfoliate the dead, dry skin on my face which allows for my skincare products to absorb into my skin even better.

Maria, Director of Brand & Product Management


"When winter hits, my skin needs extra care! I have Eczema and as a result my skin gets very dry and needs extra hydration to prevent any flare ups. Cleansing my skin prior to moisturizing is my secret weapon to healthy & radiant skin. I use the No-Slip Skincare Tool once a week. I glide the larger loop along my chin and nose edges to clear my pores of any residue buildup and then I target specific blemishes, mainly around my chin and forehead. I really feel my moisturizer doing its best work after cleansing my skin - it instantly boosts my skin’s glow!"

Brandon, Digital Content Creator





"The Facial Hair Scissors are my essential go-to tool for this winter. They make it easy and convenient to keep my beard in line, and also come in handy for a quick trim on my mustache or eyebrow hairs too."

Kristin, Social Media & Public Relations Manager





"I love the Pore Prep Tool to easily help clear my complexion. My skin tends to get dry in the winter and with the layering of heavier creams, I find I get more clogged pores."

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