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An Allure Best of Beauty Winner for over 20 years, Tweezerman Slant Tweezers feature superior calibrated tension, perfectly aligned hand-filed tips, and a 25° slant designed to tweeze along the brow line with ease. Shop our collection for an assortment of colors and styles, including metallic and coated options.


What are Slant Tweezers used for?
Slant Tweezers are designed for precision brow shaping. Tweezerman Slant Tweezers are specifically designed to offer true precision when tweezing and defining shape along the brow bone. 

Some of the key features of our Slant Tweezer include: 

  • The 25° slanted tips create the ideal angle to tweeze along the brow bone.

  • Superior calibrated tension offers maximum comfort and control, allowing you to confidently tweeze unwanted hair without worrying about hair breakage or your tweezer tips slipping.

  • Perfectly aligned hand-filed tips close firmly and evenly to grasp hairs with expert-level accuracy.

Complete your eyebrow grooming routine with our Point Tweezer, which has tapered tips designed to effectively grasp fine hairs and ingrown hairs.

How do you get tweezers to grab hair?

Position your Slant Tweezers against the brow bone, framing the unwanted hair. Then, squeeze the body of the tweezer and pull at the root in the direction of the hair growth. Continue until all unwanted hair has been removed.

If you prefer a broader grip, try our Wide Grip Slant Tweezer, which offers an extra wide grip for additional comfort and control.

Can I sharpen my tweezers?
With over 40 years of excellence and award-winning designs, Tweezerman tools are made to last a lifetime. Made with high-quality materials and perfectly aligned, sharp tips, our Slant Tweezers achieve ultimate precision to grasp every hair with ease. 

When tweezers lose their sharpness over time, send them in for our Free Sharpening Services. Not all tweezers are eligible for sharpening – check product details to find sharpenable options.

To promote longevity and effectiveness, we recommend cleaning your tweezers after each use and storing them with the rubber safety caps on.

How do you clean Slant Tweezers?
To clean your Slant Tweezers:

  1. Wipe tweezer tips with isopropyl alcohol or peroxide.

  2. Dry residual moisture with a clean towel.

Some of our Slant Tweezers, like our stainless steel Classic Slant Tweezer can be cleaned in autoclave or barbicide.

What colors and styles of Slant Tweezers do you offer?
Our selection of Slant Tweezers features a variety of colors and styles, making them the perfect personalized gift. Some of our best-selling styles include:

Which tweezers do professionals use?
Tweezerman is an industry leader trusted by professionals and enjoyed by everyone. From our collection of Eyebrow Brushes to our Nail Care Tools and  Slant Tweezers, our products are innovative, precise, and practical.



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