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Pack Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers in your purse or your carry-on grooming kit for anytime access to the mini version of our award-winning Slant Tweezer. Shop our collection of Mini Slant Tweezers to find pairings perfect for gifting, including our Lisbon Sea Mini Slant Tweezer and Mini Oval Slant And Point set.


What are mini tweezers used for?
Mini tweezers are great for shaping your brows while you’re out and about or even miles high in the air. Our Mini Slant tweezers are TSA-compliant, a compact and convenient addition to your Travel Grooming kit.

Shopping for someone else? Mini Slant Tweezers make great gifts for jetsetters, multi taskers, and everyone in between. From our Rose Gold Mini Slant Tweezer and Case to our Mini Slant Tweezer and 10x Mirror set, there are plenty of ways to complement your gift. 

What are Mini Slant Tweezers best for?
Slant tip tweezers are best for brow shaping and tweezing unwanted hairs along the brow bone. Crafted with hand-filed, slanted tips, our Mini Slant Tweezers offer premium comfort and control when tweezing your brows.

Our Mini Slant Tweezer collection offers the added convenience of on-the-go use, thanks to their smaller size. Pack in your carry-on, makeup bag, or purse to touch up your brows anywhere and everywhere.

Are Mini Slant Tweezers TSA-compliant?

Yes, Mini Slant Tweezers are TSA-compliant, making them the perfect addition to your toiletry bag or makeup kit. 

How do you use Mini Slant Tweezers?

For best results, follow these brow shaping tips when using your Mini Slant Tweezers:

  1. Apply a warm, damp washcloth to the brow bone before tweezing to open the pores, reducing discomfort and redness.

  2. Use a Brow Brush to create the shape you desire.

  3. Then, hold the tweezer body at a 25° angle and pull any unwanted hairs in the direction of the hair growth to remove at the root.

  4. Repeat until all unwanted hairs have been removed.

  5. Follow up with a Point Tweezer to remove baby-fine hairs and remaining ingrown hairs.

  6. Clean tweezer with alcohol or peroxide after each use.

  7. For safe storing, apply the rubber safety caps and keep them in their case or your grooming kit.

Are Mini Slant Tweezers a good gift?
Absolutely. Mini Slant Tweezers are a useful gift for anyone. Gift a Mini Slant Tweezer set to your favorite traveler or friend who’s always on-the-go. Plus, make your gift even more meaningful with our line of engravable Mini Slant Tweezers, including:

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