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Tweezerman Point Tweezers are crafted with hand-filed pointed tips to remove baby-fine and ingrown hairs with precision. Shop our variety of colors and styles, including our popular Rose Gold Point Tweezer, Signature Red Point Tweezer, and Classic Stainless Steel Point Tweezer. 



What are Point Tweezers used for?
Point Tweezers are best used for tweezing baby-fine hairs and removing ingrown hair. The pointed tips are hand-filed and crafted to close evenly and firmly on any unwanted hair, while superior calibrated tension ensures comfort and precision with every pull. 

To use Tweezerman Point Tweezers: 

  1. Prepare the skin for hair removal by applying a damp washcloth to prevent discomfort and reduce redness.

  2. Position the Point Tweezers at a 25° angle while holding the center of the tweezer body with your thumb and index fingers.

  3. Squeeze the tweezer body and pull in the direction of hair growth to remove unwanted hairs.

  4. Continue until all unwanted hairs have been removed.

Are Slant or Point Tweezers better?
Slant Tweezers and Point Tweezers each have unique functions. Slant Tweezers are designed specifically to work along the brow bone for shaping and Point Tweezers are best for tweezing baby-fine hairs you might find outside of the brow bone as well as ingrown hairs on the face and body. 

Both tweezer types make excellent additions to your care kit and can be combined with Brow Shaping Scissors, Brow Brushes, and Other Essentials to complete your personal grooming routine.

How do you use pointed tweezers for ingrown hairs?
To tweeze an ingrown hair with your Point Tweezers:

  1. Start by preparing the hair for tweezing by moistening with a warm washcloth, allowing the pores to open up.

  2. Position the tweezer at a 25° angle while holding the center of the tweezer body with your thumb and index fingers.

  3. Gently push the pointed tweezer tip beneath the skin and pull in the direction of the hair growth to remove.

  4. After removing the ingrown hair, clean the skin with alcohol or peroxide.

How do I keep my Point Tweezers sharp?

One of the primary benefits of pointed tweezers is their signature sharp, pointed tips which allow them to precisely target and tweeze fine and ingrown hairs. To keep your Point Tweezers sharp, make sure to follow Tool Care tips and store with the rubber caps secured. After extended use, send in eligible tweezers for sharpening with our Free Sharpening Services, exclusions apply.

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