Lil' Buddies

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Everybody needs a mini version of their favorite blender sponge for precision makeup application tasks. This set features three mini sponges and is ideal for makeup tasks around the eyes, nose and eyebrows.


  • Made of long lasting and hypoallergenic, latex-free hydrophilic foam, these mini buddies are ideal for precision makeup tasks around the eyes, nose and eyebrows
  • Pointed tip is designed to be precise in delicate areas like underneath the eyes
  • Rounded bottom is perfect for stippling over larger areas such as the forehead


After each use, wash sponge with cleanser and rinse thoroughly. Lay flat to air dry. Replace every 1 to 3 months.

Tool Tips

Tool Tips
  1. Dampen sponge to expand for use.
  2. Place liquid or powder onto your blender. You can also place product on your hand and dip the blender sponge into it.
  3. Next, bounce or stipple the sponge onto your skin to create a well-blended look. Do not rub product into skin. The rounded edge is ideal for large surfaces and the point is best for areas that require more precision.

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