Point Tweezer Ultra Precision

Get the ultimate precision when removing unwanted hair from your face and brow with the Ultra Precision Point Tweezer, designed with hand-filed, ultra-thin tips to perform with accuracy. Coated in a high-performance Titanium Nitrate finish, the Tweezerman Ultra Precision Point Tweezer is durable and rust-resistant.
  1. To minimize discomfort when using a pointed tweezer, place a warm washcloth over your face to open the pores before tweezing.
  2. Squeeze the Point Tweezer with your thumb and index finger for the best control.
  3. Locate unwanted hair and pull in the direction of growth to remove hair from the root.
  4. Continue until all unwanted hairs have been removed.
  • Our Ultra Precision Point Tweezer is designed with hand-filed, pointed tips that are perfectly aligned to close evenly and firmly to remove unwanted hair at the root.
  • Plus, they’re designed with superior calibrated tension for comfort, control, and true precision.
  • Titanium Nitrate coating is an advanced finish that not only improves the performance of your tweezer but also increases its lifespan and durability by making it rust-resistant, so you can always rely on your Ultra Precision Point Tweezer when you need them most.
  1. Clean tweezers after each use with alcohol or peroxide.

  2. Dry remaining moisture on a clean towel.

  3. Do not sanitize in autoclave or barbicide.

Safe for you and the planet, vegan & cruelty free, sustainable packaging, sharpening servicesSafe for you and the planet, vegan & cruelty free, sustainable packaging, sharpening services

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