Fogless Shower Mirror

For convenience while shaving in the shower, the Fogless Shower Mirror easily mounts to your shower wall. Fill the reservoir on the back with warm water and you’re ready for a fogless shave.


  • Fogless shower mirror is optically correct and clear from edge to edge with no distortion 
  • Works by filling the water reservoir on back of mirror, keeping the mirror from fogging 
  • Mounts to shower wall with suction cups 
  • Includes a self-stored squeegee to remove excess water from mirror


Empty water out of reservoir after each use. Clean front of mirror with squeegee provided.

Tool Tips

Tool Tips
  1. Simply fill the reservoir on the back with water (warm water, while in the shower) to heat the surface of the mirror, which will prevent fogging.
  2. Run the squeegee down the mirror to remove excess water. 
  3. Leave Fogless Shower Mirror mounted to shower wall for ongoing use.

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