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Tweezerman tweezers are excellent tools for grooming and self-care. They are designed for precision and longevity, allowing you to go through your grooming routines with comfort and ease. Our tweezers are awarded annually for their design and ease of use, making them the best tweezers for any occasion.


What are tweezers used for? 
Tweezers are common grooming tools that have several uses related to personal care and hygiene. You can use them to grab or pull hair for grooming and hair management. They can also be used for splinter removal. 

What are different types of tweezers?
There are many different kinds of tweezers, and each has a different purpose.

  • Slant Tweezers have angled tips that perfectly align at the ends for maximum precision and control. These tweezers are commonly used to grab hairs for grooming, particularly for brow shaping.

  • Point Tip Tweezers terminate in very sharp points at the end of the tweezer. They are common for managing extremely short hairs and removing ingrown hairs and splinters.

  • Flat Tip Tweezers have a straight, blunted edge. They are used for targeting coarse hair, like beard or body hair.

  • Micro Mini & Mini Tweezers shrink our best-selling favorites, like our Slant Tweezer and Point Tweezer into mini versions, perfect for travel and on-the-go grooming care.

How do I keep my tweezers sharp? 
Sharp tweezers are an essential part of every beauty and grooming tool kit. With sharpness comes precision, making targeting and tweezing unwanted hairs effortless. With over 40 years of excellence, Tweezerman tweezers are designed to last a lifetime, thanks to our high quality materials and durable design. 
Follow tool use and care guidelines to keep your tweezers sharp. When tweezer tips begin to dull over time, send eligible tweezers in for our Free Sharpening services. 

Why won’t my tweezers grab hair? 
The quality of your tweezers, and specifically the alignment and sharpness of the tips, play a big role in their efficiency. Tweezerman tweezer tips are perfectly aligned and sharp to ensure accuracy with each pull. 

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