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No Mess Mascara Guard
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Apply mascara flawlessly! Designed to isolate the lash line and protect freshly applied shadow, powder or concealer around eyes. This smudge-proof makeup artist favorite is the secret to keeping mascara on your lashes and off your face.
Key Benefits
• Protects makeup from mascara flecks and smears - no touchups to hide or remove smudges needed
• A makeup artist favorite made available as a beauty solution you can use at home
• Easy to clean, convenient for your makeup case
Tool Tips
Place tool under lower lashes as mascara is applied. Next, place tool over upper lash line to shield eye makeup. While holding protector in place, brush mascara through upper lashes.
Tool Care
Clean after each use.

No Mess Mascara Guard Tutorial

1 Reviews
Customer Reviews
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Debbie 11/28/2016
No mess mascara guard
This is the most amazing tool in my beauty arsenal! I will admit to a learning curve but once I got the hang of it, it made putting mascara on a breeze. I have EXTREMELY hooded eyes and was to the point I had to put my mascara on first or I would ruin my carefully blended eyeshadow. Only problem was it would not only knock out what little curl I can get in my lashes, they would be covered in fall out. I had tried the cardboard guards but they were too big and flimsy. I found the No Mess Mascara Guard at Ulta and thought WTH I will give it a try. Not only is it the perfect size, it is easy to hold in place without corners popping up. The tips of my lashes are very fair and the lashes on the outer corners of my eyes are curled in because of my droopy eyelids hanging on them. Not only does this tool let me really work the mascara into the tips of my lashes, I can get the outer corners straighter without making an awful mess. I have a backup for fear they will stop making it, it is that good!