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Folding Nail Clipper
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The compact neat nails tool. Super slim design with extra sharp blades for even, precise cuts. Built in nail file/cleaner keeps nails dirt-free. Folds flat to fit carry case. Practical and portable for maintaining tidy, healthy nails.
Key Benefits
β€’ Innovative carry-flat design with exceptional precision makes nail grooming on-the-go easy and discreet
β€’ Sharp blades with curved cutting edges provide excellent accuracy and won’t tear or rip nails
β€’ Nail File/Cleaner makes maintaining beautiful and healthy nails convenient and simple
β€’ Practical and portable carry case is perfect for travel
Tool Tips
Use the handy built-in cleaner to remove debris from under and around nails. Make sure not to trim below the nail bed while clipping, as cutting too close can be painful and may leave the area prone to infection. Shape and smooth nail edges with nail file. Store tool in carry case to keep clean and protected.
Tool Care
Clean blade and tip after each use.
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