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Mini Contour Kit



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Achieve a perfectly sculpted makeup look. Made with DuPont™ Natrafil® filaments that feel like and perform better than natural hair fibers, Tweezerman’s latest addition to the Brush iQ collection is designed to flawlessly contour the face.
Key Benefits
Kit includes:

• Mini Pointed Foundation Brush: Glides around the natural curves of the face for precise coverage
• Mini Contour Foundation Brush: For seamless blending along the angles of the face and blending out contour lines. Also great for applying liquid foundation.
• Blending Sponge: Can be used damp or dry, this velvety soft, non-latex (hypoallergenic) sponge is a must-have tool for flawless application and foolproof blending – also great for blending foundation along jawline and hairline
Tool Tips
Apply powder or cream based formulas to the entire surface of the brush head and blend using sweeping motions. To contour cheekbones, suck in your cheeks and apply matte bronzer starting from your ear and downwards in the hollow of your cheeks. Apply contour with the Pointed Foundation Brush, blend out harsh lines with the Mini Contour Foundation Brush. To create a seamless look, wet your Blending Sponge and bounce onto the skin to blend your contour look together. Highlight can also be applied with the Pointed Foundation Brush in a triangle shape on the face and blended out with damp Blending Sponge.
Tool Care
Brushes can easily be cleaned with makeup remover or face wipe. Natrafil® filaments allow for easy and frequent cleaning without altering softness or performance. Air dry flat.
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