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Contour Concealer Brush
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Precisely highlight cheeks and around eyes. Brush curve follows the natural contours of the face and fits into hard to reach areas without causing irritation or drag.
Key Benefits
• Unique shape for precision highlighting
• Perfect for use on brow bone to give a highlighting lift and make eyes look wider and brighter
• Tip of brush is great to easily reach and brighten inside corners of the eyes and highlight the cupids bow to define lips so they appear fuller
• Use with our Brush iQ Foundation Brush for a flawless finish
• Pair with: Full coverage and long wear concealers, eye primers and setting powders
Tool Tips
Use brush vertically to sweep primer/ concealer under each eye. For highlighting cheeks, apply product to brush, press lightly with curved center hugging the apple of cheekbone, and smoothly sweep along cheek contour to create height and a healthy looking glow.
Tool Care
Brushes can easily be cleaned with makeup remover or face wipe. Natrafil® filaments allow for easy and frequent cleaning without altering softness or performance. Air dry flat.
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