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10x Lighted Mirror with Lash Extension Tweezer
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Ideal duo for flawless falsies. Provides excellent 10x lighted magnification plus a professional grade applicator for precise positioning of false lashes. For seamless added lash perfection.
Key Benefits
• Apply false lashes to easily achieve the false-lash looks you love like a pro
• 10x lighted mirror reflects a bright close-up and is clear from edge to edge with no distortion
• Professional grade lash applicator is designed for precise positioning
• The thin, flat tip allows the user to work with either false eyelash strips or individual lashes ensuring that even the finest, single lash can be applied with ease
• The long handle allows the user to move fingers closer or further back on the tool to ensure comfort and security when placing lashes with accuracy
• Premium stainless steel is 100% sanitizable
Tool Tips
Always use lash applicator with the 10x lighted mirror as it provides the necessary illuminated close-up view for safety and accuracy. Never use the applicator without looking into a mirror. Grasp false lashes between tips, position and press onto lash line with care, then release when placed securely along lash line, and adjust as necessary. If required, apply adhesion product of your choice per its instructions. Always wait about a minute for your lash glue to become tacky before applying.
Tool Care
Disinfect lash applicator with alcohol or peroxide after each use.
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