Rose Gold Mini Slant Tweezer And 10X Mirror

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This giftable set features our Rose Gold Mini Slant Tweezer for precision eyebrow shaping, paired with a 10X Magnifying Mirror to maximize visibility during your selfcare routine. This duo is perfect for brow shaping, makeup application, or performing your skincare routine on-the-go.
  1.  10x Rose Gold Mirror comes with suction cups so they can be used on any smooth and clean surface and are great when traveling.
  2. When using Tweezerman tweezers, the skin should be clean and dry with no lotions or makeup. It is easiest to use them after washing the face or taking a shower when the pores are open.
  3. Before you begin tweezing, know the shape you want for your brows, and don’t tweeze too much the first time, especially if you are just starting. Periodically step back from the magnifying mirror during the tweezing process to ensure the shape is as desired.
  4. After each use, clean the mirror and tweezer set.
  • Convenient and giftable set features the popular and precise Rose Gold Mini Slant Tweezer as well as a 10x Magnifying Mirror that lets you see fine hairs.

  • Hand-filed tips close evenly and firmly to make targeting and removing unwanted hairs effortless.

  • The 10x Magnifying Mirror makes getting every last hair an easy task as it is optically perfect, without any distortion.

  • Suction cups allow you to attach the magnifying mirror to any smooth, clean surface, for hands-free use.

  • Both tools in this tweezer and mirror set are vegan and cruelty-free.

 With just a few simple steps, you will enjoy your Tweezerman set for years to come. 

  1. Clean tweezer tips after each use with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Wipe away residual moisture with a clean, dry towel.
  3. The mirror should be cleaned with an alcohol wipe.
  4. Store your tweezers with the rubber storage caps to keep edges sharp. 
  5. Tweezer cannot be sanitized in autoclave or barbicide.
Safe for you and the planet, vegan & cruelty free, sustainable packaging, sharpening servicesSafe for you and the planet, vegan & cruelty free, sustainable packaging, sharpening services

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