The pros we love and admire divulge the holy-grail Tweezerman products they can't live (or work) without.

Tom's Picks

Tom Bachik, Celebrity MANicurist

"Tweezerman nail care tools are precise, reliable, and easy to use. I have used them on my celebrity clients for years and they remain a staple in my kit!"

Angela's Picks

Angela Caglia, Celebrity Aesthetician

“My kit includes all of my Angela Caglia skincare products and a bunch of Tweezerman tools including the Dry Face Brush, Blackhead Extractor, Dermaplaner, Complexion Cleansing Brush and Microderm Tool."

Nikki's Picks

Nikki Makeup, Makeup Artist 

“For lash curlers, the ProMaster and ProCurl get every single lash and the curl stays all day. My top tip is to use them before I sleep so I wake up with curled lashes! Also, the Tweezerman Point Tweezers are ideal for perfecting brows and tweezing really fine hairs."

  1. Point Tweezer
    Point Tweezer
    As low as $24.00

Ashlee's Picks

Ashlee Glazer, Makeup Artist

“I love tweezers! I always have at least 3 of the slants in my kit so I can find them at all times! I also use the Folding iLashcomb to separate my client's lashes for perfection."

  1. Folding iLashcomb
    Folding iLashcomb
    As low as $12.00
  2. Mini Slant Tweezer
    Mini Slant Tweezer
    As low as $15.00

Erica's Picks

Erica Hoeft, Aesthetician & Spa Owner 

"The Ultra Precision Slant & Point Tweezers are by far my most favorite love affair.  Visually appealing and the grip on the hair is an esthetician’s dream. I also love the Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush, the cut is crisp and doesn’t pull on the hair at all. These tools are used countless times a week for all of our brow shaping appointments (and of course personally!)”

Paige's Picks

Paige Pelfrey, Makeup Artist

“As a makeup artist, I am always cleaning up brows and I love the Slant Tweezer for those little stubborn hairs! I also work on all different eye shapes, so using the correct lash curler to ensure the best lift and curl is important. The Curl 38 & the Curl 60 help me achieve that. When it comes to skincare, prepping the skin is crucial before applying makeup! The Bright Complexion Facial Dermaplaner is the best way to make the foundation lay smoothly on the skin."

  1. Point Tweezer
    Point Tweezer
    As low as $24.00

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