Precision Folding Brow Razor

The Precision Folding Razor is comprised of a stainless-steel high-quality blade and designed to trim hard to reach hair on delicate areas, including the upper lips, brows, and bikini line.


  • Dual-sided precision folding razor makes hair removal quick and pain-free
  • Portable to take on-the-go, the folding design allows blades to be safely tucked away when not in use


Clean blade with alcohol wipe or peroxide after each use. Handle razor with care, blade is sharp.

Tool Tips

Tool Tips
  1. Holding the brow razor at an angle and with light pressure, apply short, feathery strokes downward.
  2. Try to be as precise as possible to get the most desired shape. Handle with extreme care, blade is very sharp.

Before & After

Before After


Can I use the Precision Folding Brow Razor on wet or dry skin?

You can use the Precision Folding Brow Razor on both wet and dry skin! Just make sure to handle with care because the blade is very sharp.

Can I use the Precision Folding Brow Razor on other areas aside from my brows?

Yes, you can use this razor on any small areas that include unwanted hair, such as underarms, bikini line, knuckles and toes.

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