Skin Care Tool


Safely and gently remove blackheads and whiteheads with this stainless steel dual sided essential for clear skin maintenance. A must have for the DIY at-home-facial fan.



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  • Removes blackheads and whiteheads safely and hygienically, as using fingers can cause scarring or infection
  • Long, flat loop specially designed to gently roll out mature white heads.
  • Smaller, angled end designed to effectively press out blackheads without damaging skin.
  • Textured body provides a no-slip grip for added comfort and control.
  • Premium quality stainless steel is durable and easy to clean.
  • Dermatologist tested.


Disinfect tool ends with isopropyl alcohol or peroxide after each use. Tool can be sanitised in an autoclave or barbicide.

Tool Tips

Tool Tips
  1. Use with extreme care. Before use, sterilize tool with alcohol or antibacterial soap and hot water.  Take a hot, steamy shower or use a hot washcloth to open pores.Use only on pre-cleansed skin.
  2. For whiteheads, wait until the blemish has broken open then gently glide the long, flat loop over it to release debris from the pore. 
  3. Use the opposite side's smaller, angled wire to gently press out blackheads without damaging skin. 
  4. Sterilize tool after use with alcohol or antibacterial soap and hot water.


At what step in my skincare routine should I use this tool?

Use the No-Slip Skincare Tool after your face is clean and makeup-free. We recommend extracting at night so that your skin is makeup and product free for several hours post-extraction.

What is each side of this tool meant for?

The long, flat loop of this tool is specially designed to gently and flawlessly roll out mature whiteheads while the smaller, angled loop of the tool is designed to effectively press out blackheads. Remember to use only on pre-cleansed skin!

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