Men's Ultimate Grooming Kit


The new Ultimate Grooming Kit features our best selling tools for facial hair and nail maintenance. Featuring premium quality tools ergonomically designed with a wider body for maximum comfort and control.

  1. Use the fingernail clipper to trim nails into desired shape. Start at the corners and clip towards the center.
  2. Use Scissors to safely trim facial, nose, and ear hair. Position scissor tips slightly inside nostril or ear, or parallel to beard. Only trim visible hair when using on nose and ear hair.
  3. Remove stray brow hairs or stubborn coarse facial hairs with Tweezers. Align tip of tweezers against root of hair, close and pull firmly in direction of hair growth to remove.
  • Fingernail Clipper features sharp, strong, stainless steel cutting blades to precisely trim nails. Rounded blades follow natural shape of nails
  • Scissors are ergonomically designed with large finger loops for maximum control during use. Sharp precision blade is curved and features a rounded tip for safe trimming
  • Flat Tip Tweezer is perfectly aligned and hand-filed. Tips close evenly and firmly to remove thick and stubborn hair from the root. Designed with a wider body to increase stability and improved comfort
  • Stainless Steel is durable and easy to clean

Disinfect tool ends with isopropyl alcohol or peroxide after each use. Tool can be sanitized in an autoclave or barbicide. Handle scissors with care. 

Safe for you and the planet, vegan & cruelty free, sustainable packaging, sharpening servicesSafe for you and the planet, vegan & cruelty free, sustainable packaging, sharpening services

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