A Mark of Quality & Innovation

In 1731, Peter Henckels founded and registered the now world famous ZWILLING as a trademark with the Cutler’s Guild of Solingen, thereby laying the foundation for an international company. The now renowned twin Cutler’s Guild symbol has evolved over the years, but has always maintained a status of quality, expertise and sophistication.

Based in Solingen, Germany, ZWILLING holds an international legacy of prestige and craftsmanship for over 285 years. The first store opening was in Berlin in 1818, followed by the New York branch by Graef & Schmidt in 1883, and Paris in 1927. ZWILLING also began winning accolades as early as 1851 and ever since.

Whether it’s high quality beauty products, cutlery or cookware, the level of success of one of the oldest brands in the world is based on international customer satisfaction. ZWILLING Beauty prides itself on maintaining customer satisfaction through innovation, setting high standards and establishing an excellence in craftsmanship.

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