Flat Brow Brush & Spoolie

For full and dense eyebrows, Tweezerman's Flat Brow Brush features premium quality synthetic bristles to precisely define eyebrows. Dual sided spoolie end is perfectly sized to shape brows for an effortless, full-feathered look.


  • Flat, straight and thin bristles target wider brow shapes for an effortless, full-feathered look. The short & tapered spoolie end is precisely sized for brows.
  • For a more defined look, use with brow powder or brow pomade to outline eyebrows and draw brow hairs.
  • The spoolie is perfect for blending in products for a natural look. Also great for setting brows into place with brow gel.
  • Brush bristles can be used to define & highlight around brows.
  • Vegan brush with synthetic bristles.


Wash with warm water and gentle cleanser. Rinse thoroughly. Squeeze to remove excess water from bristles. Allow to dry completely.

Tool Tips

Tool Tips
  1. Use with brow powder or pomade.
  2. Hold brush at angle and apply short strokes to fill in brows.
  3. Hold brush at angle and move outward along edges of brows to outline shape.
  4. Use the spoolie after cosmetic application to brush through brow hairs to distribute powder or pomade.

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