Facial Razor Replacement Blades


Premium quality blades designed to fit perfectly with the Tweezerman Facial Razor. Safely remove unwanted facial hair at home and gently exfoliate the face. 


These Facial Razor Replacement Blades work best with our Facial Razor, which can be found here.


• Blades feature finely sharpened edges to gently remove facial hair 
• Safely removes the finest and smallest hairs
• Stainless steel blades are simple to clean at home 
• For best performance, replace razor blades every 2 - 3 months or as needed; 4 replacement blades included          
• Blades supplied in storage tube 


Clean with alcohol to prevent infection and bacteria build-up before and after each use. Place the cap back on the razors after use and store in a dry place. Handle razor with care, blade is sharp.

Tool Tips

Tool Tips
1. Pinch the rounded plastic edge and pull out from tool 
2. If blade is stuck, slowly wiggle from side to side until loose
3. Slide new blade in and safely discard used blade

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