Brow Grooming Kit

Premium quality brow tools for precision grooming at home or on the go. These mini tweezers are designed with a wider body for a firm and stable grip while the touch up tool removes unwanted hair between brows.
  1. Prepare for hair removal by opening pores using a warm washcloth, not too hot to prevent redness. This will help to reduce pain.
  2. Use the Flat Tweezer to eliminate unwanted thick, coarse hair on the face or body. Use the Point Tweezer for removing fine or ingrown hairs.
  3. For maximum control, tweeze using your thumb and index fingers near the middle of the tweezer body.
  4. Grab the unwanted hair with the tweezer tips slanted at a 25° angle, squeeze down on the body of the tweezer and pull in the direction of hair growth to remove hair from the root.
  5. Use the razor to touch up hair between brows. Place the razor at an angle against the skin. Apply short, feathery strokes with light pressure to remove hair where needed.
  6. Continue until you have removed all unwanted hair.
  • Mini Flat Tip Tweezer: for thick brow hair
  • Mini Point Tweezer: for removing ingrown hairs
  • Mini Razor: great for cleaning up area between brows
  • Stainless Steel tweezers are durable and easy to clean

Tweezers: Clean tweezer tips after each use with an alcohol wipe or peroxide.

Razor: Wipe clean after use with alcohol wipe or dry towel. Handle with care - blade is sharp.

Case: Wipe clean with damp cloth.

Tools can be sanitized in an autoclave or barbicide.

Safe for you and the planet, vegan & cruelty free, sustainable packaging, sharpening servicesSafe for you and the planet, vegan & cruelty free, sustainable packaging, sharpening services

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