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Tweezerman X Tom Bachik

June 28, 2018

Tom Bachik, celebrity manicurist to Hollywood’s A-list, shares his tips on how to give yourself a natural, professional-quality manicure at-home.

STEP 1: Gently push back cuticle with the curved side of the Pushy & Nail Cleaner to create an even shape and loosen cuticle from the nail plate. It is important to be gentle and not force the cuticle back as you could break the protective seal increasing chance for infection.

STEP 2: Use the Rockhard Cuticle Nipper to remove loosened cuticle, and any pieces of non-living skin, like hang nails. Be careful not to overcut the cuticle and cut into the tissue.

STEP 3: Clip nails using the Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper into the desired shape by starting at the corners and clipping toward the center. Next, clip center to finish the shape. This will apply less stress on the natural nail and help prevent the chance of splitting while clipping.

STEP 4: Finish by filing nails from the sides towards the center in one direction, using the Nail File. Repeat on both sides of the nail for consistency of shape.

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