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Brand Ambassador Samantha
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Brand Ambassador Samantha
July 17, 2017
Samantha March

Get to know Samantha (aka @MarchBeautyWord), the July 2017 Ambassador of the Month!

Check out her YouTube Channel here


Question: How long have you been beauty blogging and what inspired you to start?

Answer:  I started my beauty channel in the summer of 2016. I started a blog in 2009 to cover books and beauty, two of my biggest passions, but it quickly moved to mostly book focused.  I was always trying to find a way to incorporate beauty back into my blogging, and Youtube seemed like a great way to make that happen!


Question: What’s your favorite part about being a beauty influencer? Least favorite part?

Answer: My favorite part has to be meeting so many like-minded people. And not even just other influencers, but people in general who love makeup as much as I do and love to create. It is really special though to make friendships with influencers, and those who hustle for their passion. My least favorite part is the way I can be dismissed by others around me when I say what I do. I’ve never understood the strange stigma being into makeup comes with. When I shared beauty on my blog, I had people tell me if I wanted to be taken seriously as an author, I couldn’t share makeup tips too. That was almost ten years ago, and I’m really sad I’m still running into that situation still today. 


Question: What is your favorite Tweezerman beauty tool and why?

Answer: Right now I am all about this new Tweezerman x Huda Beauty collab! That was so cool to see the launch of this, and since I’m a huge fan of the Tweezerman tweezers, I’m going to say the mini tweezer from this collab is my current fave! 


Question: What is the best part about being a Tweezerman Ambassador?

Answer: The love from Tweezerman! Not only have I received some amazing products, but to get chosen as the Ambassador of the Month means a lot, and the recognition from a brand is really special to an influencer. 


Question: What is your dream beauty tool?

Answer: Something that will automatically do my brows for me


Question: What advice do you have for girls who want to start beauty blogging?

Answer: You just have to start! Don’t stress about being perfect at first – film off your phone in front of a window before spending money on equipment. Just start, make sure it’s a good fit for you, and things will start to fall into place! 


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