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March 27, 2017


Get to know the March 2017 VIPPRO of the Month!


Question 1: How long have you been a nail technician and how did you start out? 

I've been doing since I'm 13/14 years old. My dad manufactured nail supplies and I'd play as a kid. I graduating high school at 17 years old and catapulted my classmates to clients in salons after high school.  I'm 44 years old.  You do the math ;). I refuse to! A beauty editor just tagged me as a nail icon today on her Instagram!  Well I guess I'm a dinosaur! I met Jennifer Lopez 18 years ago through her hair stylists Oribe and Rita Hazan, well needless to say we are still making magic .. from my first day with her at the MTV awards to the show Shades of Blue… we're still at it here!

Question 2: What’s your favorite experience being a nail technician so far? 

Just to name a few! He has since passed but Iconic photographer Francesco Scavullo naming my Maltese Zsa Zsa on a Seventeen Magazine shoot 15 years ago!  My first American Vogue shoot shot in Long Island with Jennifer Lopez, Steven Meisel, Garren, and Kevin Aucoyn.  Also, this year heading off to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Paris! Victoria Secret has been a client of mine for over 13 years!

Question 3: What is your favorite Tweezerman beauty tool and why?

I couldn't do my job as accurately without the Ultra Precision Cuticle Nipper!  It allows for meticulous and precise cuticle care.

Question 4: What clients have you worked on in the past? Who would you love to work with?

I've been dubbed the longest lasting manicure in the biz by InStyle magazine.  As I'm writing this I see my clients have lived that length as well. My clients A-Z start with Angelina Jolie, Zoe Kravitz, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Selena Gomez are true loyalists, not just lists! I'm honored.  

I've not had availability for but had requests from Rihanna and Katy Perry to work with, they are fun fashionistas I'd love to create with.   

Question 5: What is your dream tool?

I'm in the process of creating it!  Stay tuned.

Question 6: What advice do you have for nail technicians just starting out? What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

My advice is to work your way genuinely with talent… not offering to undercut by whatever means it takes! We're freelancers not free!


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