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Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper

Item #3085-R

Transform untidy, tattered or shabby nails into a perfectly pampered, lovingly trimmed look.  Give nails a shape-up with these ultra-precise blades that clip with the utmost performance.

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For best results, soak nails before clipping to soften. Trim nails to desired length. Make sure not to trim below the nail bed, as cutting too close to fleshy fingers can be super-ouchy and may leave the area prone to infection.

We're often asked "How long or short should my nails be?"  For a neat, stylish look, we suggest keeping nail length to no more than a quarter of an inch past finger tips.  If you’re a DIY novice, stick to this simple length and experiment with polish (as it’s remove-able) when going wild vs. mild, or to go from day to night, office to party.

If you’re not sure about your preferred nail shape, approach it like the pros.  One school of thought dictates that when filing, the curve of the nail should resemble the half-moon curve at your nail base.

But try out this expert trick: For the best looking, strongest and healthiest shape, clip nails straight across, then when you’re ready to file, simply round off each corner.  This squared-off oval or “squoval” is widely considered the ideal and most flattering nail shape on everyone.

Extreme or pointed ovals are not recommended, as filing nail-sides excessively can affect nail strength, making them more brittle and likely to break.



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