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Spa Callus Smoother

Item #5103-R

Our innovative, renewable tool is all about quality and hygiene. A must-have for home or salon, this smoother expertly reduces calluses and beautifully smooths feet. The super-comfortable grip features a built-in thumb rest, while the thin filing bed is flexible for use on different areas of the feet - and between toes. Comes with six medium and six coarse grit replacement pads.

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Use on moist skin to exfoliate, then smooth. To create a renewed two-sided rasp, peel off used pads. Stick a medium textured pad to one side of tool and a coarsely textured pad to the other. The stainless steel handle can be sterilized between surface changes. (*Those with diabetes, hemophilia or circulatory disease should not use this tool.)

While a professional pedicure can be the best place to start in restoring baby softness to put-upon tootsies, keeping feet beautifully smooth and pain-free is just a matter of owning the perfect tools for expert maintenance and exceptional state-of-the-art pampering.



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