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Shape and Shine Nail Tool

Item #3427-R

This multi-use nail tool features three filing surfaces, two buffing surfaces and one polishing surface to shape and shine nails naturally. Convenient and easy to use. Suitable for fingernails and toenails. Includes nail cleaner. Goes everywhere.

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To Shape:
Use the white, black, blue combination.  Use white surface for heavy duty filing, black for shaping and blue for finishing.  Always file gently from outside in.  Do not use sawing motion.  For toenails, always cut nails straight across and use file only to smooth rough edges.
To Polish:
Use pink, white, grey combination.  Use pink surface to smooth out ridges on nail surface, white to buff, and grey to shine.  Apply gentle back and forth motion.  To avoid drying out the nail, do not buff more than every two weeks.  Use shine surface as often as desired.  Tip of tool can be used to clean under nails.

If you're not sure about your preferred nail shape, approach it like the pros.  One school of thought dictates that when filing, the curve of the nail should resemble the half-moon curve at your nail base.

But try out this expert trick: For the best looking, strongest and healthiest shape, clip nails straight across, then when you're ready to file, simply round off each corner.  This squared-off oval or “squoval” is widely considered the ideal and most flattering nail shape on everyone.

Extreme or pointed ovals are not recommended, as filing nail-sides excessively can affect nail strength, making them more brittle and likely to break.



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