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Sapphire Crystal Toenail File

Presenting premium quality tool technology brought to the next performance level: This Sapphire Crystal file collection for feet and nails features tiny, abrasive sapphire-ceramic crystals fixed to an easy to clean stainless steel handle and uses the latest, advanced surface technology to provide maximum abrasivity for the ultimate in comfort and efficiency. Created to withstand frequent sterilization by autoclave or hot-air devices, as well as spray or liquid disinfectants. Perfect for home or to bring to the salon.

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To shape, gently smooth and round-off ragged edges, file from the outside of the nail toward the center. File in one direction — don’t saw back and forth, as it may cause splitting and provides less control. 

The deep, sensuous beauty of sapphires embrace the sparkling shine of crystals to create the ultimate at-home luxury for toes—brought to you by Tweezerman. The Sapphire Crystal Toenail File reconciles the enhancing effects of modern technology with classic beauty:  designed for the ultimate in comfort, efficiency & durability, the file also emulates the elegant glow of rare minerals.