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Rockhard Cuticle Nipper

Item #3196-R

The sturdy design of this nipper is reinforced by its rock-hard, stainless steel construction.  Features sharp, long-lasting snipping tips for smooth cutting.  Great to take to the nail salon.  1/2 Jaw

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Comfortable handles and precision blades make maneuvering around the nail to snip hangnails and dead-skin-build-up a cinch.  The handles are calibrated with a double-spring action (needing only the slightest pressure for smooth trimming) and are designed for both righties and lefties.  Not for use on acrylic nails.  Remember to never, ever cut live skin.

What sets our nippers apart?  Fans of beautiful hands come back to Tweezerman again and again for the quality and true functionality of our designs.  We make nippers that won't pull or yank when trimming hangnails and cuticles.  All our nippers have perfectly aligned tips that are hand-filed to meticulous sharpness for a precise cut every time.  Smooth, double spring-action is another hallmark — designed to hold up to regular wear and tear, the springs are guaranteed for the life of the tool.



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