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Regency Finish Collection Petite Tweeze Set

Item #4048-ERLLT

Our Regency Finish Collection offers premium quality, polished stainless steel tool technology brought to the next performance level:  this stunning laser-etched pattern is 100% sanitizable on our popular Petite Tweeze Set. The reflective two-tone pattern is a classic Deco expression harking back to femme fatale glamour, Parisian foil wall paper, mirrored Hollywood Regency furnishings and luxe silver screen interiors. This set features our famous Slant and Point tweezers in a smaller size, each featuring perfectly aligned hand-filed precision tips. The included fashionable metallic leather case makes this miniature set perfect for purse and travel.

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Use the Slant for expert brow shaping.  Tweeze in the direction of hair growth, plucking one hair at a time to avoid breakage.  For ingrowns, cleanse skin and disinfect tip of Point tweezer with alcohol or peroxide.  After any work under the skin, clean area again with disinfectant.

Use the included case for travel and tool protection. 


For Regency Finish Collection Petite Tweeze Set
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