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ProCurl Lash Curler

Item #1035-LLT

Open your eyes to amazing curl for different eye shapes with our Lash Logic Series of curlers. The ProCurl Lash Curler featured here is the ideal design to give round eyes the perfect curl. Create favorite runway effects with this breakthrough in luxury lash curlers, effective for most eye shapes, but specifically designed for round eyes —this curler is curved at a 60 degree angle to follow the contour of lovely, larger-than-life round eye shapes. Ergonomically crafted with pinch-proof precision, the top bar is narrowed for comfortable, easy curling, to reach every lash and to get an excellent and dramatic eye-opening look. The doubled-body design and contoured finger loops provide ultimate strength and control. The thick, rounded silicone pad provides intense curl without sticking to or creasing lashes. Stylish and distinctive in rose gold with black pad. 

Please replace pad frequently.  We recommend a new pad every 3 months and a new curler once a year. 

  • Narrower top bar is ideal for round eye shapes
  • Larger opening area reaches every last lash
  • Angled for ultimate leverage to get the best curl
  • Thick, rounded silicone pad creates intense curl without sticking to or creasing lashes

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By Lauren Bartoli on January 03, 2016
I loved the way this eyelash curler worked when I got it and that it came with extra silicone pads, however I was disappointed that it broke so soon. I've only had it for maybe 3-5 months and I have to buy another one

With eye opened wide and pad positioned at the base of lash-line, hold handles firmly and gently squeeze. Hold a few seconds, open curler completely and gently release lashes. Repeat, moving all the way up to lash tips to create a more dramatically sweeping curve. Apply mascara and follow up with Tweezerman Folding ILashcomb for an even more flawless, clump-free curl.

Tweezerman's Lash Logic ProCurl® Lash Curler is designed with unique control and pivot for exceptional leverage and a beautiful, expert curl. Create your favorite eye-opening, runway effects, whether a natural and softer, sexier sweep or a beautifully daring, more defined look. Remember to clean curler after each use with an alcohol dampened cotton ball. For hygiene, replace curler pad after three months and curler every year.


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