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ProCurl Lash Curler

Item #1035-LLT

Erin Flaherty of Allure Magazine calls this the best new curler and the ultimate device. She goes on to say:

It has a narrower top bar so the silicone curling pad hits the lashes closer to the roots, and the pad itself is thicker, so lashes curve more naturally and never look crimped. Best of all, the curler has a wide opening, so those little lashes at the outer corners don't get squished inward.

Designed with unique control, this next-generation, professional-quality eyelash curler’s sleek body-shape with large opening is crafted to exceed the standards and performance of any other curler on the market today. Reworked angles create excellent, pinch-proof access to each lash like never before — allowing for effortless use and maximum curl. The narrowed top bar is designed to fit most eye shapes and reach every last lash. Stylish and distinctive in rosegold with black pad. Three replacement pads included.  Please replace pad frequently.  We recommend a new pad every 3 months and a new curler once a year. 

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With eye opened wide and pad positioned at the base of lash-line, hold handles firmly and gently squeeze. Hold a few seconds, open curler completely and gently release lashes. Repeat, moving all the way up to lash tips to create a more dramatically sweeping curve. Apply mascara and follow up with Tweezerman Ilashcomb for an even more flawless, clump-free curl.

Tweezerman's new ProCurl® Lash Curler is designed with unique control and pivot for exceptional leverage and a beautiful, expert curl. Create your favorite eye-opening, runway effects, whether a natural and softer, sexier sweep or a beautifully daring, more defined look. Remember to clean curler after each use with an alcohol dampened cotton ball. For hygiene, replace curler pad after three months and curler every year.


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