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Premium Emery Board

Item #3463SW-1

Ultra durable and available in a pack of five. Uses 150/220 grit for optimum filing.

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To shape, gently smooth and round-off ragged edges, file from the outside of the nail toward the center.  File in one direction — don’t saw back and forth, as it may cause splitting and provides less control.

Introducing the Be-All End-All Nail Files  

It takes true grit to play in the same arena professionals do. We’ll spare you the well-trod “nail it” clichés and cut right to the chase, just as these high grade beauty tools do: everything you’ve ever needed for DIY salon quality nail beautification and grooming is right here, and they have the grit to prove it.

The creators of “the little black dress of beauty tools” elevate everyday beauty tools to professional quality necessities, and when it comes to everything you need to beautifully shape and smooth nails, they deliver.



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