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Mix 'n Match Unbreakable Mirror

The newest designer trend doesn’t only apply to the runway — even beauty essentials can play along. This bold look of beautifully mix-matching graphic prints and patterns takes a keen eye for precision, making it an absolute perfect match for this collection of special edition beauty tools

The new Mix N’ Match Runway Prints Unbreakable Mirrors are portable, compact, and fit perfectly into your purse or wallet for makeup touches on the go. Clumsy girls rejoice - the NEW Unbreakable Mirrors can be dropped, tossed, thrown and will never shatter or break! The vibrant chevron print patterns are eye-catching and evoke the flashing lights and excitement of Fashion Week with two color choices of Pink and Blue.

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Small enough to fit in your wallet or credit card slot.  Our Mix 'n Match Runway Print Collection Unbreakable Mirorrs are designed to withstand being dropped on the floor - it will never break! 

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