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Mix 'n Match Runway Chevron Filemate

The newest designer trend doesn’t only apply to the runway — even beauty essentials can play along. This bold look of beautifully mix-matching graphic prints and patterns takes a keen eye for precision, making it an absolute perfect match for this collection of special edition beauty tools.  Comes in two delightful chevron shades.

Professional quality files feature 100/180 grits for filing natural nails and medium sanding of acrylic nails. Perfect for nail shaping, these stylish files come with a convenient carry case to keep files clean and protected. Perfect for purse and travel.

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To shape, gently smooth and round-off ragged edges, file from the outside of the nail toward the center.  File in one direction — don’t saw back and forth, as it may cause splitting and provides less control.

The world’s top designers took note for 2013, mixing and matching graphic prints for a whole new look.Tweezerman’s new Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints Collection takes the latest fashion credo one step further and makesfor an optically engaging presence in any makeup bag.