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Key Essentials Folding Nail Clipper

Item #3016-R

Jet setters, trend setters, and today’s busy moms now have the perfect companion to stay well-groomed at home or on-the-go!


Tweezerman’s new sleek designed Key Essentials Folding Nail Clipper is the ultimate must-have. An elegant and sexy solution to the standard steel clipper, Tweezerman’s new Key Essentials Folding Nail Clipper features a built-in nail file and cleaner attached to a convenient keychain and is housed in a perfectly pink leather storage case that folds flat to carry. The ultra-sharp blades shear nails with the clean, accurate precision that is exemplary of Tweezerman brand beauty tools.

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Use the handy built-in cleaner to remove debris from under and around nails. Make sure not to trim below the nail bed while clipping, as cutting too close to fleshy fingers can be be painful and may leave the area prone to infection.

Ideal for chic, modern women on-the-go, this fashionably feminine grooming accessory is practical, pretty and perfect. A dreamy gift for women of all ages – for every mood, to mix and match with outfits or bags when she’s on the move or moving ahead. Guaranteed to come in handy for overloaded groomers and fashion darlings alike, this must-have beauty tool will be there when you need it – and stylishly inconspicuous when you don’t.


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