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Grip & Snip Spiral Spring Cuticle Nipper

Item #3198-R

A new take on the traditional cuticle nipper, the Grip & Snip features a spiral spring for the ultimate in style, comfort and control. This sleek new one-of-a-kind design is highly stylish and highly functional. The looped handle maximizes precision and provides a no-slip grip, while the opening and closing action is ultra safe and smooth. This premium stainless manicure tool comes in two stand-out, fashionable colors: Lollypop Berry and Hawaiian Teal.  Assorted colors. 

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By Ellen Ingram on January 29, 2016
Same excellent quality as my traditional Tweezerman nippers but these are more ergonomically designed for those of us who have arthritis or issues with our hands. I must admit that I am so used to my older nippers and use them more.....but these are awesome and don't forget about the FREE sharpening service. I will not use any nippers unless they are Tweezerman! Worth every cent.

Tweezerman’s new Grip & Snip Spiral Spring Cuticle Nipper is defying conventions and redefining the modern grooming experience to be ultra easy on your hands. Just squeeze and release the comfortable spiral spring to operate the precise blades with ultimate comfort and control.

Welcome to the future of manicures! What sets our nippers apart? Fans of beautiful hands come back to Tweezerman again and again for the quality, true functionality of our designs and the latest innovations. We make nippers that won't pull or yank when trimming hangnails and cuticles.  All our nippers have perfectly aligned tips that are hand-filed to meticulous sharpness for a precise cut every time.


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