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Folding Nail Clipper

This sleekly designed nail clipper has a conveniently built-in nail file and cleaner — and folds flat to carry.  Extra sharp blades cut nails evenly and precisely.  Folds to fit neatly into nifty storage case.  

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Use the handy built-in cleaner to remove debris from under and around nails. Make sure not to trim below the nail bed while clipping, as cutting too close to fleshy fingers can be be painful and may leave the area prone to infection.

Every woman wants pretty yet enduring nails no matter how she styles them.  A good, strong nail combines both rigidity and flexibility.  Without proper care, nails become dull, weak and brittle.  Nails that split, peel or flake usually arise from neglect.  Use our precision tools to keep your nails beautiful and healthy.