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Fashion Chic Power Nail Clipper

Strong, stainless steel blades clip even the toughest nails, and the built-in case catches clippings for easy clean up. The uniquely shaped handle provide a comfortable fit for hands and optimum control. Best yet, the clipper merges fashion and functionality with its eye-catching zebra print that will add a trendy touch to any makeup cabinet or grooming kit. 

Naturally, as this trend keeps growing, Tweezerman is in the front of the pack again with the newest exotics in our Special Edition Fashion Chic Collection

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Cut nails straight across when damp to prevent cracks or ingrown nails.

Start by soaking hands in warm, soapy water to clean and soften skin and nails.  Clipping nails when slightly damp and softened helps to avoid splitting.  Remember to remove any polish from nails beforehand — and even sweep remover over unpolished nails to take away any excess oils or residues before soaking.