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Pocket Multi-Tool
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All-in-one instant groomer. Premium quality precision mini tools. Complete with keychain for easy grooming anywhere. Assorted colors only.
Key Benefits
• Mini head-to-toe grooming tools are always at your fingertips so you'll always look great
• Stainless steel tools are durable and easy to clean

• Folding Nail Clipper to get perfectly trimmed nails
• Nail File with Cleaner for nicely shaped, clean nails
• Nose Hair Scissors with rounded tips for a neat groomed look with no strays
• Bonus: Handy Pocket Knife
Tool Tips
Use the Folding Nail Clipper to trim nails with precision; the Nail File with Cleaner to file and gently clean under nails; the Nose Hair Scissors with rounded tips for trimming nose hairs safely. Includes handy Pocket Knife.
Tool Care
Clean tool tips after each use.
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