The Perfect Pedicure

How to Get Super-Smooth Feet

Step 1 : Remove Polish

Remove old polish from nails with a cotton ball and alessandro NailSpa Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover. Wash hands and clean underneath nails with our Dual Nail Brush.  Follow up with alessandro Cream Rich to bring moisture and shine back into the skin. 

Nail Polish RemoverDual Nail Brush


Step 2 : Clip 

Cut nails straight across with a nail clipper or scissor. Be careful not to cut below the fingertip as it may cause sensitivity or ingrown nails.

 Nail Scissor Combo Clipper Set

Step 3 : Shape and Smooth 

File sharp corners and edges. Begin with the rough side of the file to shape nails, then smooth and seal nail edges with the finer grit side. File in one direction instead of sawing back and forth to avoid splitting of nails. Nails should be square with a slightly rounded corner.


Zip File

Step 4 : Push and Clean
Pushy and Nail Cleaner 

Use alessandro Coco Mango Nail Butter or NailSpa Mango Nail Serum to soften and moisturize cuticles. Soak hands in warm water. Using the specially designed Pushy and Nail Cleaner, gently push back cuticles.



          Mango Nail Serum

Coco Mango Nail Butter

Step 5 : Snip

Rockhard Nipper

Remove hangnails and dead skin around the nail with a cuticle nipper. Do not cut live skin.


Step 6 : Remove and Smooth 

While skin is moist, gently draw the callus shaver across calluses in a light shaving motion to remove thin layers of dead skin. If you prefer not to use a blade, you can use a callus rasp or stone. First remove calluses with the coarse side and then use the fine side to smooth skin and rough spots on the bottoms of feet, back of heels and between toes.

 Safety Slide Callus Shaver PedroSole Mates Foot File & Smoother

Step 7 : Finish

Clean nails with alessandro NailSpa Nail Polish Remover and a Q-tip to remove any oil or cream. Smooth, buff and shine surface of nails with our 4 Way Nail Buffer, apply base coat and polish if desired.  Our sister brand, alessandro, has 99 colors to choose from ranging from brights to creams to neutrals! Follow up with alessandro Top Coat for long-lasting and shiny manicure.

4 Way Nail BufferNail Polish Remover Nail Polish BUBBLE GUM



Pedicure Tip


To help eliminate the painful irritation of ingrown toenails follow these easy steps:

  • File top of nail to reduce thickness before bathing.


  • After bathing and while nails are soft, use a Clipper to trim nail. Cut in a number of small cuts rather than a large single cut.


Combo Clipper Set

  • Gently slide our Ingrown Toenail File under nail. File works in reverse and will shave under nail as you pull out and up.


Ingrown Toenail File

  • If infection or swelling is present, see a podiatrist.