FAQ - Teen

Even though many salons don’t charge for touching up bangs, it can be annoying having to actually go there. To do it yourself, you’ll first need a pair of sharp hair cutting shears such as Tweezerman's Spirt 2000 Styling Shears. Taking dry hair (cutting bangs wet runs the risk of cutting them too short) divide your bangs into 3 sections (left, middle and right). Take one section at a time and twist it in front of your face. Start with about an eighth of an inch. Remember you can always cut more, so don’t be overzealous. If your bangs are still too long, re-twist the hair and cut as needed. If all else fails and you made that one fatally horrific cut, simply go to a salon. Most of the time you won’t need an appointment and the situation is usually salvageable.

Nail salons are required by law to sterilize all implements to prevent cross contamination, so before you begin a manicure, be sure to check with the nail tech to find out how the tools she is using have been cleaned. She should be happy to show you. If you are satisfied that the tools are sterilized, but are still concerned, a good option is to own your own tools that you bring with you. Be sure they are of comparable quality to the ones used by professional nail techs or they may not want to use them.