FAQ - Men

To help keep your hands in tip top shape, keep them moisturized with alessandro Cream Rich hand cream and use gloves when doing activities that can damage or dry out your hands. The biggest problem for most men are ragged cuticles. It’s important to remember the cuticle’s purpose – to keep bacteria and other foreign objects from infecting the nail. That said, you should only cut the dry skin that hangs over the nail plate. Do not bite your cuticles and be sure to use the proper tool. A mere fingernail clipper will not suffice; opt for Tweezerman's Hangnail Trimmer instead.  Afterwards, moisturize cuticles overnight (to allow the cream to soak in) with alessandro Coco Mango Nail Butter

The best time to shave is after a shower; the hot water opens up pores and softens the hair for a closer shave. If you are using shaving cream and still experience discomfort/razor burn, try lightly rubbing a shaving oil into the skin prior to applying shaving cream to protect your skin and help the razor glide over the skin’s surface.

Remember to change your razor blade often and shave in the direction of hair growth. If your hair is stubborn, reapply the shaving cream and shave in a sideways motion in small strokes to avoid irritating the skin.

A problem area for most men is around the neck. Run your fingers over this area to feel the direction your hairs grow and try to mimic this pattern with your razor. Rinse and pat skin dry.

Apply your favorite after shave for a cooling and calming effect. Consider using Tweezerman's Deluxe Shaving Brush for a closer more comfortable shave.

Ingrown hairs result when the hair curls backward, penetrates the skin and produces red bumps that can be painful. One method to prevent them is to make sure your face is well hydrated before and during shaving. In addition, an exfoliating scrub containing alpha hydroxyl acids can help slough away dead skin cells, making it easier for the pore to stay open and the hair follicle to pop through. When pores are open, you can use Tweezerman’s Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze with surgically sharp elongated points that are specially designed for removing hairs under the skin.

There is no reason to settle for a uni-brow. Having one overemphasizes the forehead and makes the eyes less noticeable and less attractive. If there is a lot of growth, the quickest “fix” is waxing the area when hairs brows come together and then using Tweezerman’s Slant Tweezer to maintain the look. If waxing is not “his thing” the Slant Tweezer will work well for the initial process. For best results, tweeze only one hair at a time in the direction of hair growth being careful to check your brows as you go so that you don’t tweeze too much. The brow should begin right above the inside corner of the eye.

No! Never tweeze nose hairs. This is a very dangerous and can lead to serious infection. Nevertheless, nose hairs and ear hairs are unsightly and trimming them so they are no longer visible is a good idea. Tweezerman has a number of products specially designed for this task. Check out the Deluxe Trimmer that painlessly removes nose hairs with rotating, recessed blades that never come in contact with the skin, or our Facial Hair Scissors with a safety tip and blades that curve away from the skin.