FAQ - Lashes

It is not unusual for one or two lashes to come out while removing eye makeup. The wiping and pulling motion can cause delicate lashes to fall out; try a cream remover and wash it away with water instead of taking a cotton ball or pad to wipe your lashes clean.
If you have lost some of your lashes, take heart in the fact that they can grow back every 4-8 weeks. And remember, your lashes naturally shed and re-grow so it could just be that you’ve become aware of this process, not that you’re necessarily losing more than normal.
If you are in fact experiencing a more than usual eyelash loss, examine some of your eye habits – do you rub your eyes, pull at your eyelashes, sleep with mascara on, etc. If you are significantly losing your lashes, see a doctor, it could be caused by an infection or an allergy.

First make sure your lashes are sans makeup. Curling your lashes with mascara or other products on them could cause them to break. With clean lashes, take your Classic or Pro Curl Eyelash Curler and curl your lashes three times holding for five seconds each. First near the lash line, then at the center and lastly at the tip - those with curly lashes can skip this step. Next apply mascara. Let it dry 30 seconds before applying a second coat. 

Here are a few tips to keep your lashes far from spider-ville:

If applying more than one coat of mascara make sure not to wait longer than 60 seconds between each application. If you apply wet mascara on top of an already dry coat, your lashes will clump.

Use Tweezerman’s Folding Ilashcomb after each application of mascara. Comb through lashes in an upward and outward direction away from your eyes. Be sure to do this when your lashes are still wet so the comb glides through your lashes.