FAQ - Feet

Leaving polish on your nails this long can be drying and dehydrate the nail. Once your polish starts to chip you should remove it with alessandro non-acetone remover (acetone removers are very drying on the nail). Not only does chipped polish look unattractive it can peel away a superficial layer of the nail as well, weakening your nails.

As we get older and approach senior citizenry our toenails naturally become thicker. If this is not your case it could be caused by inadequate nutrition, poor health or a fungal infection. If your nails are not only thick but also yellowing, one of the above might be a cause of the thickening nails. Consult your doctor and in the meantime be sure to wash and dry your feet thoroughly.

Taking care of your feet and toenails should be a regular part of your personal care routine. If toenails are too long they can lead to discomfort in shoes and boots. Similarly, if toenails are too short, you will be prone to ingrown nails.

First, be sure when cutting toenails to use a high quality clipper such as our Barrel Toenail Clipper  to assure a clean smooth cut. To help prevent ingrowns, cut nails straight across, leaving about an 1/8” so that your nail doesn’t extend beyond the tip of your toe. You can then gently file the corners slightly. If you are prone to ingrowns, our double-sided Ingrown Toenail File is excellent for thinning the nail corner and easing the pain. Before bathing file top of nails with a regular nail file to reduce thickness. After you soak and while nails are soft, gently slide either end of file under ingrown to lift nail - choose the flat or curved end depending on shape of nail. To file away ingrowns, slide file side under lifted area and slowly pull file out to thin the under-surface of the nail and relieve pressure. Repeat until nail is back to a normal shape and you feel relief.

First, use alessandro One Minute Pedicure with natural sea salt crystals to exfoliate feet.  To smooth calluses on your feet, a tool that is safe for those with diabetes, circulatory problems, etc. is Tweezerman’s Pedro Callus Stone. For best results, use after or during bathing, when calluses are softer.  After smoothing, apply alessandro Go Easy Moisturizing Foot Cream all over feet.  Finally, apply Pedix Silky Touch Clean & Fresh Powder to keep feet from dry, clean and fresh all day!

A blister is a fluid filled sack that forms under the skin and is caused by friction. Calluses and corns are generally also caused by friction, but do not contain fluid. A callus results when friction causes a build up of dead skin, often on the heel or bottom of the foot, whereas corns, small and kernel shaped, often form on the top or between toes. Some corns may need to be professionally removed, but for calluses, a callus tool such as Tweezerman’s Sole Mates Foot File. To keep your feet healthy, keep in mind that shoes that are too tight or too loose can rub against and irritate the skin.

First, look at your naked toes. If they have yellow stains, it may be from wearing dark polishes without applying a basecoat and you can probably remove the stains with hydrogen peroxide or a mild bleaching agent such as sodium hypochoride.  We also recommend alessandro Pro White Effect Polish which is specifically formulated to neutralize discoloration on the nail.  Nails appear brilliant and glossy after use. Tweezerman’s File, Buff and Shine combination kit is one way to then gently file your nails, buff out ridges and achieve an amazing natural shine without polish.